Imperial Design Technologies : Shaft Collars

Product highlights

    • Stainless steel construction
    • Compact design
    • Ideal for use in wash down and corrosive environments
    • Multiple configurations
    • Custom applications available upon request
    • Great for mounting sensors, control panels and connecting equipment together

Additional Features

Standard shaft collar features

Imperial Design Technologies clamp mounts are made of stainless steel and are designed to fit on standard 2″ pipe. Shaft collars are split for quick assembly and easy removal. These 3/4″ thick clamp collars use (2) 5/16″ bolts to draw the half’s together ensuring your connection is rigid and secure.

Multiple configurations are available with the following variations:
  • tapped mounting holes
  • slotted mounting holes
  • multiple mounting arm lengths
  • D collar mount style
Ideal for wash down environments, these round sanitary mounts are perfect for machines and equipment in the food and dairy industries where cleanliness and sanitation considerations are paramount. IDT clamp mounts can be supplied in any quantity and are offered at a very competitive price.


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idt1001 Clamp Collars quote request form

2" pipe (2 3/8" id) stainless steel mount clamps

2P-SS-238-B431-2T38, (4.31 BAR, (2) 3/8-16 TAPS)

#2P-SS-238-B431-2S38 , (4.31 BAR, (2) .41 SLOTS)

#2P-SS-238-B288-1T38E, (2.88 BAR, (1) 3/8-16 END TAP)

#2P-SS-238-B531-2S38, (5.31 BAR, (2) 3/8-16 TAPS)

#2P-SS-238-B531-2T38, (5.31 BAR, (2) 3/8-16 TAPS)

#2P-SS-238-DS169-1T25, (1.69 D SHAPE, (1) 1/4-20 TAP)

#2P-SS-238-B1213-2S38, (12.13 BAR, (1) .41 SLOT)

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