Kemet AC Line Filters SC-J Coils 3D cad

Inductances up 1-5 mH Rated Currents up to 5 A DC Resistances as low as 50 mΩ This 3d model covers the following parts (same size dimensionally): Part number: SC-02-10J SC-02-20J SC-02-30J SC-02-50J SC-05-10J...


TDK thermistors 3D cad

Leaded disks, 260 V up to 1000 V TDK_B59771C0120A070 3D model covers the following parts (same size dimensionally): type and ordering code: C770 – B59770C0120A070 C771 – B59771C0120A070 C772 – B59772C0120A070 C773 – B59773C0120A070...


Epson Crystal Oscillator 3D cad

EPSON CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR (SPXO) SG-3030CM Frequency range 32.768 kHz External dimensions… 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.9 mm VIO controls swing amplitude. Use of C-MOS IC enables reduction of current consumption. Built-in 32.768 kHz crystal...

Clamp Collars with mounting bar, stainless steel, IDT

Imperial Design Technologies manufactures large shaft collars designed to fit 2″ pipe (2 3/8″ OD). Made in Michigan, these stainless steel 2-Piece clamp collars are perfect for wash down environments. Welded on bars provide mounting surfaces for components to be position on a shaft.


2D AutoCAD to 3D SolidWorks Model Visualization

2D AutoCAD can leave a bit to be desired in terms of product visualization. In this example, the builder was having trouble understanding the beam design shown in the 2D architectural layouts…