3D CAD model marketing and catalogs

Market your product to  MILLIONS  of designers and engineers!

Caddalog will help you position your product exactly where you want to, in your customer’s bill of materials.

Are you a small company? Do you have limited resources when it comes to marketing? It’s expensive to employ a full time engineer to maintain and update your products CAD information on the internet. Let’s face it, most engineer’s lack the skill set and have very little interest in maintaining your products website content. It might seem like convent solution for a company to put an engineer in charge of this task but it can be very difficult to efficiently bridge the gap between engineering, marketing and webmaster. Often times, lack of knowledge in these fields can ultimately end up wasting many hours in meetings or scrapping project altogether. This is where I can help, Caddalog is 1 person, 1 contact, 1 solution for your products online CAD data. The vast majority of designers and engineers already use the internet to locate downloadable cad data. Market your product to your target audience in an easy to use, self-serve environment when the time suits them.

Showcase your products with Caddalog
Available Options:
  • Downloadable 3D product files for your clients, your company will receive the native CAD files
  • Showcase your company and products to communities of engineers and designers. GrabCAD has over 5,030,000 members, 3D ContentCentral has over 1,700,000 millions CAD users
  • DE-featured models to protect intellectual property
  • 3D model marketing (custom properties – tags – keywords)
  • Easy and secure files sharing and project management
  • Product page with focused SEO content
  • Quote request form
  • Downloadable content, i.e. PDF catalogs, price sheets
  • Product photos and sliders
  • News post about your product
  • Social links and sharing icons
  • Product photos and sliders
  • Company page on Caddalog.com
  • Promote multiple products at once thru application examples in 3D assemblies
  • News posts about each products type


When requesting a quote for a Caddalog, please provide as much information about your product as possible. I.E. PDF drawings, specifications sheets, flyers etc. If you can provide a 3D model of your product, it may help to reduce implementation costs. A quote will be provided after we define the scope of work.

Caddalog RFQ
Maximum upload size: 30MB