2D AutoCAD can leave a bit to be desired in terms of product visualization. In this example, the builder was having trouble understanding the beam design shown in the architectural layouts. At the time, the architect was busy so he couldn’t provide the contractor a 3D model to assist them in understanding the beam concept.

2D Plan view of the Great Room beam construction

2D Elevation view of the Great Room beam construction

Given the 2D AutoCAD plans shown above, I was able to generate this 3D SolidWorks model in about 10 hours.

Typically, beams like this are made out of a plywood box construction, finished with a walnut veneer. As you can see, I drew timbers as solid beams to save time. Brackets and other hardware were also intentionally left out to help reduce the design time. We kept the hours to a minimum and provided the builder with a valuable 3D mockup.

Do you have a project that could use a quick visual mockup? Feel free to contact me.

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