Kemet AC Line Filters SC-J Coils 3D cad

Inductances up 1-5 mH Rated Currents up to 5 A DC Resistances as low as 50 mΩ This 3d model covers the following parts (same size dimensionally): Part number: SC-02-10J SC-02-20J SC-02-30J SC-02-50J SC-05-10J...


TDK thermistors 3D cad

Leaded disks, 260 V up to 1000 V TDK_B59771C0120A070 3D model covers the following parts (same size dimensionally): type and ordering code: C770 – B59770C0120A070 C771 – B59771C0120A070 C772 – B59772C0120A070 C773 – B59773C0120A070...


Epson Crystal Oscillator 3D cad

EPSON CRYSTAL OSCILLATOR (SPXO) SG-3030CM Frequency range 32.768 kHz External dimensions… 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.9 mm VIO controls swing amplitude. Use of C-MOS IC enables reduction of current consumption. Built-in 32.768 kHz crystal...

Clamp Collars with mounting bar, stainless steel, IDT

Imperial Design Technologies manufactures large shaft collars designed to fit 2″ pipe (2 3/8″ OD). Made in Michigan, these stainless steel 2-Piece clamp collars are perfect for wash down environments. Welded on bars provide mounting surfaces for components to be position on a shaft.


2D AutoCAD to 3D SolidWorks Model Visualization

2D AutoCAD can leave a bit to be desired in terms of product visualization. In this example, the builder was having trouble understanding the beam design shown in the 2D architectural layouts…


NAAMS Standard Components, SolidWorks 3D CAD

NAAMS 3D SolidWorks files 113 files 3D, SolidWorks (2009) part (.SLDPRT) models for instant download. Each part file is compete with a pdf cut sheet embedded in design binder folder located in the model...